Air Purifiers for Home Large Room up to 779 Ft² with Real-time PM2.5 Monitoring, Air Cleaner with Auto Mode and 2 True H  

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【Real-time Air Quality Insights】AIRTOK BZ-1802 air purifier, designed for home and large room use, offers real-time PM2.5 monitoring and an intuitive air quality indicator light. Stay informed about your environment and take quick actions for a healthier living space. Ideal for bedrooms, offices, and effective against allergies, smoke, and pet odors.

​【Dual Air Intake for Superior Filtration】With double-sided air inlets and dual True H13 HEPA filters, AIRTOK Air Cleaner efficiently cleans spaces up to 779ft²/76m² per hour. It captures 99.97% of particles, including pet hair, pollen, dust, odors, and PM2.5 from wildfires, ensuring fresher, healthier air. Perfect for large rooms and effective against allergens and pet-related issues.

【Smart & Adaptive Performance】In auto mode, AIRTOK purifier cleverly adjusts fan speed based on room air quality. It speeds up for poor air and switches to energy-saving mode when air quality improves. Alternatively, choose from 3 manual speed settings for personalized control.

【Whisper-Quiet & Eco-Friendly】​Airtok BZ-1802 Air Purifier operates at a hushed 25 decibels in sleep mode, creating a serene atmosphere for rest, work, or study. With a low-rated power of only 18W, it consumes less than 0.018kWh per hour, balancing tranquility and energy savings. Ideal for creating a peaceful environment in your bedroom or office.

【Certified Quality & 24/7 Support】Airtok BZ-1802 Air Purifiers are FCC, ETL, and EPA certified for top-tier performance and safety. Our 24/7 customer support team is here to assist you round the clock, ensuring your satisfaction is our top priority.